General Health Essential Panel

General Health Essential Panel

Unveiling Insights with Baseline Tests and Genetic Predisposition Awareness

Our General Health Panel - Essential provides a comprehensive report on fundamental biomarkers typically analyzed during routine annual physicals. Baseline tests provide crucial insights into your health by assessing blood sugar levels, blood cell counts, and metabolic function—essentially, how your body converts nutrients into energy. Establishing a baseline report is essential for understanding your general health status and identifying potential risk markers for various illnesses and conditions.

Genetic predisposition plays a significant role in our susceptibility to certain conditions. This predisposition, resulting from specific genetic variations inherited from our parents, can increase the likelihood of developing particular diseases. Just as you inherit traits like eye colour, you may also inherit a predisposition for conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or certain types of cancers.

While this blood work is valuable, it does not replace the need for a physical examination and regular checkups with your licensed healthcare provider or family doctor—integral components of maintaining overall health and well-being.

Blood Tests Included In the General Health Panel - Essentials

Tests  Tests Details
Complete Blood Count

A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test. It's used to look at overall health and find a wide range of conditions, including anemia, infection and leukemia.
A complete blood count test measures the following:

  • Red blood cells, which carry oxygen
  • White blood cells, which fight infection
  • Hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells
  • Hematocrit, the amount of red blood cells in the blood
  • Platelets, which help blood to clot
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMAMA)

Includes electrolytes and other important biomarkers.

Potassium (KS) | Sodium (NAS) | Chloride (CL) | Bicarbonate | Anion Gap | Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) | Creatinine with eGFR (eGFR) | Calcium, Total (CA) | Glucose, Random (GLURA)
Lipid Panel (LPSC1)

Can help determine your risk of the buildup of fatty deposits (plaques) in your arteries that can lead to narrowed or blocked arteries throughout your body (atherosclerosis).
Our Lipid Panel test includes the calculation of four types of fats in your blood:

Total Cholesterol (CHOL) | Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol | High-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol | Triglycerides
Vitamin D (25-Hydroxyvitamin D D2, D3) (25HDN)

Vitamin D is crucial for bone health, facilitating calcium absorption, and regulating diverse cellular functions; its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective attributes contribute to immune health, muscle function, and brain cell activity.

T4 (Thyroxine), Free

T4 is the main form of thyroid hormone circulating in the blood. A Free T4 measures what is not bound and able to enter and affect the body tissues.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (STSH)

The pituitary gland produces thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), guiding the thyroid on hormone production that influences energy usage, impacting organs like the heart and regulating weight, body temperature, muscle strength, and mood.

Uric Acid (URIC)

Uric acid, a byproduct of purine breakdown in cells, is filtered by the kidneys and excreted in urine; when it accumulates in the blood, it can lead to gout, characterized by needle-shaped crystal formation in and around the joints.

Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT)

Is an enzyme found throughout the body, but it is mostly found in the liver. When the liver is damaged, GGT may leak into the bloodstream. High levels of GGT in the blood may be a sign of liver disease or damage to the bile ducts.

Iron + TIBC (FEC)

Iron is an important mineral that your body needs to stay healthy. Your body uses iron to make hemoglobin. This is the protein in your red blood cells that carries oxygen around your body.


Take charge of your well-being. Book your private blood testing with Health Today. Embrace proactive care and gain valuable insights into your health. Schedule your appointment now for a healthier tomorrow. 

To take the next steps toward better health and feeling and looking your best, start with General Health Essential Panel.

The First Step Made Easy

We are committed to empowering our community to take control of their own comprehensive health and wellness by making access to the best resources for prevention, diagnosis, and care easy and affordable. Booking your advanced cancer screening and private lab tests is straightforward; simply follow the instructions below. If you have questions, connect with our team at (403) 475-0016 or through our online form.

1. Explore

1. Explore

Visit to explore the available health tests and packages. Health Today offers an innovative liquid biopsy to detect various cancer signatures simultaneously using a single blood sample. We also offer advanced lab screening to detect numerous conditions and deficiencies to provide insight into your current health and overall wellness. Read the descriptions of each advanced screening available and choose the test(s) you wish to take.

2. Book

2. Book

If you are on the page of a specific test, click the Book Now! button. If you are on the main page, click the Book Test tab at the top left corner of the page. If you want multiple tests completed, book one single appointment and additional tests can be added and paid for when you arrive. You will be asked to provide your personal information, including your name, contact details, and preferred appointment time. If you are booking for family screenings, book one appointment for each member to ensure we have enough time dedicated to complete specimen collection for everyone.

3. Pay

3. Pay

When you book your screening appointment you will be charged a non-refundable booking fee to reserve your appointment slot so that we can continue to offer our clients the highest levels of care and sufficient time for collection. This fee will be applied to your selected screening at the time of your appointment. On the day of your scheduled booking, you can pay for the balance due for the test you selected and any additional screenings you choose on-site. This ensures that you only pay for the tests you receive, and you have the flexibility to add or remove tests as needed, based on your requirements and budget. We accept payment with debit or credit card.

The First Step Made Easy
4. Screening

4. Screening

On the day of your appointment, visit the designated health center to undergo the screening process. Your private labs testing will be completed at one of our partner clinics:
Signature Medical Centre in the SW 
Future Smiles in the NE 
The screening will involve sample collection, depending on the type of test(s) you have booked.

5. Results

5. Results

After the screening, the samples are securely packaged and sent to the laboratory for advanced analysis. The laboratory is equipped with advanced technology and staffed by qualified professionals who are trained to perform the required tests accurately and efficiently. Depending on the shipping cycle and lab schedule for the private lab tests you selected, results are provided in 5-10 days. You will receive your test results via secure email within the specified timeframe.

6. Next

6. Next

Always share your results and consult your primary care physician before changing your medication or healthcare plan. Once our laboratory finishes analyzing your samples, they will provide you with a detailed report of your results. These results may be in a numerical or graphical format, test-dependent. The report will also give an analysis, explaining the implications for your health and well-being, which should provide your physician insight. While we strive to make the results clear and concise, guidance and examination from your primary care physician are essential to fully understanding the results and determining the appropriate next steps.

Your Path to Wellness: Exploring the Essentials of the General Health Essential Panel

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