Immunology & Genetics

Immunology & Genetics

Immunology & Genetics testing plays a critical role in diagnosing and treating many diseases. These tests help identify genetic predispositions to certain conditions, detect abnormalities in immune system function, and guide the development of personalized treatments. At Health Today, we offer advanced immunology and genetics testing to help our clients better understand their health risks and develop targeted treatment plans. Our team of expert clinicians works closely with clients to provide clear and accurate information about their genetic and immune system profiles. By leveraging the latest technologies and scientific knowledge, we empower our clients to take control of their health and make informed decisions about their care. Whether you are concerned about an inherited condition, seeking to understand the root cause of chronic illness, or are interested in optimizing your health, our immunology and genetics testing services can help provide the answers you need.

Ceruloplasmin (CERS)

Homocysteine, Total, Serum (HCYSS)

Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA, and IgM), Serum (IMMG)

Rheumatoid Arthritis Panel (RAPAN)

RA Factor (RHUT)

Measles Mumps Rubella Varicella Antibody (MMRV)

Hepatitis B e-Antibody and e-Antigen (HEAG)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Serology Panel (IBDP2)

Parvovirus B19 Antibodies, IgG and IgM (PARVS)

Poliovirus (Types 1, 3) Antibodies, Neutralization (FPOLO)

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Antibodies, IgM and IgG (CMVP)

Diphtheria/Tetanus Antibody Panel (DTABS)

Bordetella pertussis Antibody, IgG (BORDG)

Muscle-Specific Kinase (MuSK) Autoantibody, Serum (MUSK)

Apolipoprotein E Genotyping (APOEG)

Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Antibody Profile (SEBV)

Tetanus Toxoid IgG Antibody (TTIGS)

Autoimmune Liver Disease Panel (ALDG2)

Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) Antibodies, IgA & IgG Profile (TSTGP)

Gliadin (Deamidated) Antibodies Evaluation, IgG and IgA (DGLDN)

Interleukin-6, Serum (IL6DX)

IgG Subclasses (IGGS)

Immunoglobulin Subclass IgG4 (IGGS4)

Immunoglobulin E (IgE) (IGE)

Hepatitis A IgG Antibody (HAIGG)

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody, Qualitative/Quantitative (HBAB)

Varicella-Zoster Antibody, IgM and IgG (VZGM)

ANCA Panel for Vasculitis (VASC)

FibroTest-ActiTest (FIBRO)

Aspergillus (Galactomannan) Antigen (ASPAG)

Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Panel (FHSPP)

Aspergillus IgG Precipitins Panel (FASPG)

Quantitative Lymphocyte Subsets: T, B, and Natural Killer (NK) Cells (TBBS)

Cytoplasmic Neutrophil Antibodies (ANCA)

Monoclonal Gammopathy, Diagnostic (DMOGA)

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