Health Today Naturopathic Doctor Partnership

Health Today Naturopathic Doctor Partnership

Thank you for choosing Health Today! Recognizing the complexities within Alberta's healthcare system, we've dedicated the past four years to enhancing patient access to vital tests not readily available in the region. Leveraging partnerships with esteemed international laboratories such as the Mayo Clinic, we offer an extensive array of testing services, ranging from Vitamin D and hormone assessments to advanced multi-cancer liquid biopsy screenings.

As a Naturopath, we understand the importance of cultivating a unique patient-provider relationship rooted in holistic health and root cause analysis. We share your commitment to fostering comprehensive well-being. Our collaboration aims to empower your clients by deepening their understanding of their health challenges, ultimately enhancing their overall quality of life.

Level Up Your Clinic:


Partner Doctors Get Access To Comprehensive Services:

  • Increase your client base

  • Expand your reach with custom landing pages

  • Get a proven marketing & lead-generation plan

  • Enjoy preferred rates for services

  • Participate in profit share opportunities

Partner Doctors Can Provide Added Benefits:

  • Comprehensive health assessments

  • Tailored treatment plans

  • Enhanced patient experience

  • Improved health outcomes

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