Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals

At Health Today, we offer Heavy Metal Blood Tests as a vital component of our health screening and diagnostic services, designed to detect and quantify exposure to hazardous heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. Understanding the significant health risks associated with heavy metal exposure, including neurological damage, organ failure, and compromised immune system function, we prioritize accurate, reliable testing to ensure early detection. Our laboratory techniques, including mass spectrometry and atomic absorption spectroscopy, enable us to provide precise measurements of heavy metal levels in the blood, facilitating timely intervention and treatment strategies. By offering these comprehensive testing services, Health Today aims to safeguard individual health and well-being, contributing to the prevention of long-term health issues related to heavy metal exposure. Our commitment to excellence in diagnostic services supports healthcare professionals in delivering optimal care, while also empowering individuals with crucial information about their health, aligning with our mission to promote healthier communities through superior diagnostic capabilities.

Cobalt, Serum (COS)

Heavy Metals Screen with Demographics (HMDB)

Chromium, Serum (CRS)

Copper (CUS1)

Manganese, Serum (MNS)

Molybdenum, Serum (MOLPS)

Cadmium (CDB)

Nickel (NIS)

Bromine - Total (FBROM)

Gadolinium (GDS)

Thallium (TLB)

Boron (BOAC)

Bismuth (BIWB)

Arsenic, Blood (ASB)

Aluminum, Serum (AL)

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